The Cambodian People's Party was founded from the patriotic movement of the Cambodian people for national liberation from the colonialism.
Since it came into existence, the Cambodian People's Party has maintained its patriotic ideal, performed all kinds of sacrifice for the sake of the supreme interests of the nation and people in order to build up a Cambodia of independence, peace, freedom, democracy, neutrality and social progress . The path chosen for the Cambodian People's Party activities is always being with the side of the interests of the people, taking part in all circumstances both in the case of joyful and those of sadness of the people. During a long period of its history, the Cambodian People's Party had realized its numerous great historical achievements for the nation and people.

When the county was plunged in the catastrophic circumstance which had never been in the history, between the years 1975 -1978, the Cambodian People's Party was the only one Party which rose up to fight for national salvation from the genocide disaster.

The Victory of 7 January 1979 timely gave rise to nation that all people of conscience were clearly aware and remembered for ever this historical event.

The commemoration of the 7 January Anniversary as the Public Day, the event of which the Cambodian people survived the genocide regime, is the historical reality which no force can deny it.

During the 14 ruling years of the State of Cambodia regime, the Cambodian People's Party obtained several great achievements which are using as the valuable inheritances for restoration and development of the country in this actual time:

1-To prevent all attempts to return of the genocide regime to power.

2-To revive the nation and continuing to develop, thus creating numerous socio- economic realizations.

3-Rights and freedom of the people, national honor, dignity and prestige which were lost under the
genocide regime, had been rehabilitated and improved.

4-To act as the core in the process of national reconciliation and bring peace to the nation and people.

For the sake of national reconciliation, pluralist democracy and development which are the precious aspirations of the people, although it had been in the strategically strong circumstance and had been ruling almost the entire territory and people but the Cambodian People's Party had played the active role on the Principles of national reconciliation which were issued since 1987 . it had perfumed a great sacrifice to enable to take pale with the other former Cambodian factions as well as the International Community in the efforts of realizing the Paris Peace Agreement on 23 October 1991 .

Right after the General Elections on May 1993 and the establishment of the Constitution and the formation of the Royal Government, the Cambodian people's Pam which had principal roles in the National Assembly and the Coalition government had striven to implement with responsible stance the objectives stated during and after the elections, thus proudly obtaining the main achievements as following:

-The process of national reconciliation on the basis of continuing to prevent the attempts to return of the genocide regime had strongly developed, namely the activities of our brotherly compatriots who had defected from the outlawed rebels and come to live with the Royal government, thus making peace to be strengthened and the possibility of totally ending war in the near future is being risen up.

-The Cambodian People's Party had f only determined to protect the Constitution, to maintain the regularity and the efficiency of the Royal Government. to enlarge the pluralist liberal democracy and the respect of human rights in order to shave to build Up the county as a State of Laws.

-The main Policies of the Party on the socio-economic fields had been implemented such as the creation of favorable conditions for the reform of the Cambodian economy to the correct economy of markets and having the qualifications to be successively integrated in the economic frame of the world.

-The process of the national restoration and development on all fields had progressively developed, thus linking to the living -standards improvement of all strata of people, in which the rural development had speedily forwarded.

The Cambodian People's Party is rely proud of its numerous achievements, realized in the purpose of developing the I m-al areas, taking part in relief assistance to the cool people, such as the establishment of thousands of the school -buildings, bridges, hundreds kilometers of rural roads, a number of development centers, initiation systems, ponds, wells, hospitals, Buddhist temples and Muslim mosques as well as to provide the emergency aid to millions of people who had been the victims of the natural disaster These are the tasks which had been done, are being done and continue to be done for ever by the Cambodian People's Party.

All of these above -mentioned outcomes had provided the important contribution to bring national prestige to be continuously enhanced, to create good friendly relationship and cooperation with the foreign countries and to get support and assistance froth the Intentional Community to the efforts of the Cambodian people.

Through these precious achievements, the glorious successes of the Cambodian People's Party on the Policy of peace, national reconciliation and the efforts of poverty -solution had obviously been shown and reinforced hope and belief of the people to their future. In the objective of striving to continue to solve the main problems of the nation, to bring the country' and people towards the other new great successes, the Cambodian People's Path launches its Declaration on the Politic -Platform as the followings:


1-The General Principles

-The Cambodian People's Party firmly maintains the patriotic ideal, join the people in all circumstances both in the case of joyful and those of sadness . it implement the policy of great national solidarity in order to gather the overall national forces, both from inside and outside the country to defend the nation, to protect social achievements and build a Kingdom of Cambodia as all independent, peaceful, free, sovereign, neutral and progressive State in line with the motto " Nation, Religion , King ".

In the actual stage, the Cambodian People's Party continues to strive to accomplish rive main goals:

1-Shive to put a total end to the wan and establish full and lasting peace on

the basis of the non-return of the genocide regime .

2-Fight against the people's poverty through the improvement of a decent

and civilized living standard of the people both materially and spiritually .

-The Cambodian People's Party protects and respects the actual

Constitution, shaves to push forward the process of national reconciliation and to cosolidate political stability which are the most primordial and necessary qualifications for preventing the return of the genocide regime, rehabilitating and developing the country .

-The Cambodian People's Party carries out the policy of alliance wilt the other political parties in maintaining the above-mentioned principles . it maintains the position of solving problems by peaceful means.

-The Cambodian People's Patty accepts the multi-party and liberal democratic system as the fundamental basis of the its policy and activities . The Political Line of the Cambodian People's Patty constitutes the policy which is suitable both with the interests of the nation and people, and the concrete practice in Cambodia .

-The Cambodian People's Party supports the holding of the Elections as mandated by the Constitution . This Elections must be conducted in a free and fair manner by firmly ensuring rights and freedom of the voters, and the Principles of universal, direct, equal, free and secret -ballots Elections . They also must be organized and monitored by the Cambodian themselves . Concerning the electoral system, the Cambodian People's Patty supports the provincial proportional representation system.

-The Cambodian People's Party supports the holding of the Communal Election before the General Election .

-The Cambodian People's Party severely fights against all sticks is and activities which provoke social Instability or disorder.

-The Cambodian People's Party advocates the Constitutional-Monarchy Regime by maintening of developing the political system multi-party and liberal democratic, a system of which can ensure the practice of the Country-ownership role of the people, the development of democratisation, rights, freedom and social Justice.

The fundamental principles of the Cambodian People's Panty related to the ruling of the State are to push forward to build the Kingdom of Cambodia to be a State of law by finely dividing into three partitions of Powers, namely the Legislative, the Executive and the Justice .

If the Cambodian People's Party wins the Elections, in the target of safeguarding political stability and national reconciliation, the Cambodian People's Party will form a coalition-government with the participation of other panties . The Power-sharing must be done only in the political positions of the government .

It continues to canny out the reform on administrative field in order to ensure to make it to be an administrative body united, transparent, decentralized, neutral . and to be a faithful and effective service of the people .

-The Cambodian People's Party firmly respects and protects the press freedom and all rights and freedom of the population which have mentioned both in the universal statement of the UN on Human Rights and in the Treaties and Conventions related to the Human Rights' issues . All rights of the population have been guaranteed by laws . All Cambodian citizens and all ethnic people, although they had any past history or position in the society, have to enjoy equality of rights and obligations before laws and equality of interests about social affairs, culture, education, health affairs and other sectors . The CPP enhances the value of social moral and human honor and dignity, and acts against the discrimination among people, the contempt and discrimination towards the ethnic people, the social -classes division, the violence , violation and oppression, which weaken national unity and bring the society towards the uncivilization.

-The Cambodian People's Party fights against the corruption, ensures the justice and transparence in the administrative rnecanism of all levels . it carries out a number of measures in order to crack down the corruption, namely to set up the Anti-corruption law and the State-Mechanism of Inspection, to widely open rights of complaint of the people and customers . Meanwhile, the competent authority must accept to considerate and to fairly solve every case . Besides, the CPP improves the qualifications, the salaries and the other regimes of the officials according to the capability and situation of the State budget in order to encourage and upgrade their clean and patriotic spirit .

-The Cambodian People's Party protects the rights and interests of our compatriots which are living abroad . In both with that, for the sake of maintaining the supreme national honor, identity and sovereignty, the CPP advocates obvious principles which oblige the government members, the members of the Parliament and the authority leadership at all levels from the Chief of the Commune upwards to uphold the uni-nationality namely tile Khmer.

-The Cambodian People's Party, which had greatly sacrificed in the process of the peace-solution for the nation will continue to sincerely implement the policy of national reconciliation , to unite with all the patriotic forces regardless their past histories, politic-tendencies and positions in the society in order to unite all together for defending and building the Motherland m the social atmosphere peaceful, fraternal and mutual comprehension . In this spirit, our Party extends it warm welcome to our brotherly compatriots who had defected and are fading the ways to break-away from the hard-line rebels and to return to live in the national society under the sole roof of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia .Our compatriots will receive rights, freedom and all interests as the Cambodian people have done .

-The Cambodian People's Patty absolutely fights against the attempts to return to power of the genocidal regime as well as all the activities which create the favorable conditions for the rebirth of this barbarous regime . In this sense ,the CPP supports the enforcement of law which had outlawed the KR rebels, advocates and cooperates with the international Community, especially with the United States of America in the researching works on the genocidal crime of the "Democratic Kampuchea "regime, and to bring the criminals who are the hard-line mastermind to the justice . The CPP fights against all the activities which attempt to destroy the criminal evidences of the genocidal regime.

-The Cambodian People's Party maintains the stance of building the national army to be an army of the people, faithful and firmly fidele to the cause of the nation, respected to the Constitution, with good discipline and clean moral, humble and respected to the people .

-The CPP continues to reform, build and strengthen the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces to be an only one unified national Army which will be technically modernized and fully skilled in order to accomplish its obligations of defending territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Cambodia as stipulated in the Constitution, to protect the authority and people, and to rescue the people who a -e suffered of disasters. It continues to build the militia forces so that they take pant in defense of the people and their underground .

-The Cambodian People's Party consolidates the police to be a force which has full of patriotic ideal, fidelity, skilled qualification and modernized technique in order to ensure the fulfill of it task of safeguarding security and public order .

2-The Policy for the restoration and socio-economic development

-The Cambodian People's Party continues to make in practice the economy of the free-market system by striving to create the best conditions hi the comity in order to absorb as much as possible the favorable conditions from abroad for the service of restoration and development the economy . The CPP do all the best to achieve a sound and sustainable socio-economic development that links with social Justice and equality; and this has to be done through our efforts to ensure a respectively sustainable economic operation, human resource development ,and natural resource management .

As for the orientation of development, the Cambodian People's Patty focuses on four priorities namely the agriculture, the physical infrastructure of roads, the electricity and human resources development. It encourage the internal competition of economic activities according to the economic norm of five market .

-The Cambodian People's Party continues to widely open and do the best to promote the investments both internally and externally in order to increase the quantity of jobs for the society. It encourages all forms of economy to carry out their competitive activities in the production and exploitation with equal rights before the State laws and in the line with the orientation of development of the country . The CPP concerns of creating favorable conditions for the workers, small businessmen to ensure their living conditions. It continues to strive to rescue the victims ,to aid the poor people and the pool students so that the latter could attend the scholarship .

-The Cambodian citizens have full rights to finely and equally work and live before the State laws .

-The Cambodian People' Party recognizes and firmly defends the actual legal ownership of the population, fights against the violation on the legal properties of the people .

-the Cambodian people's Panty consolidates the environmental and natural resources protection, ensures the development and the use of the natural resources with effective and sustainable output, and cracks down all activities which jeopardize the natural environment.

The Cambodian People's Party improves the mechanism and structure of the economic management in order to increase the efficiency and transparency of the economic mechanism of the State, and to fight against the corruption and all the current -law abuses . it enhances the integration of the Cambodian economy with the economy of the region and the world in order to exploit as much as possible from the internal existing potential of the natural resources . Strive to build the economic superiority for competition in the international market.

The main purpose of the Cambodian People's Patty on economic development is targeted to enhance the well-being of the overall people, to stabilize and prosper the social life . The process of economic development must be in both with the solution of social problems She Clip strives to reduce the social gay between the rich and poor people, and fights against the acts of human oppression, exploitation and discrimination .

The Cambodian People's Patty continues to strive urging the rural development, especially by means of agricultural development, irrigation systems, rural roads and bridges construction, school, hospitals and pagodas building, and development centers establishment in order to gradually improve the well-being, the living standard of the rural people so that the living-gap between the people living in the countrysides and towns has to incessantly be reduced .

The CPP continues to implement the policy of taxes-exemption on the agricultural lands for the farmers which are exploiting with familial forms, and has the policy of the investment-promotions on the agricultural field directly, and the other sectors on the disposition of this field .

The Cambodian People's Party develops the industrial field by targeting priorities on the light industry, transforming industry, small industry and handicraft production . it continues to make in practice the privatization of the State-factories which have not been able to catty out their works. The CPP urges the local industrial products in order to gradually create the competitive capability .

The Cambodian People's Party continues to push forwards the exploration and exploitation on oil, gas and mine by building the appropriate laws and norms for ensuring the environment issues and open-door investment . it does the best to transform the oil and gas exploitation to become the national economic potential .

The CPP urges the development of the potential of electricity-energy, especially the hydro-electric in order to provide the power -consumption with low price and to transform the electrical sector to be a real economic basis on the service of the development of the other sectors .

The CPP urges the rehabilitation of the transportation-infrastructure for the service of economic development, national defense, tourism and social living-standard improvement .

The CPP creates the favorable conditions for increasing the private investment on the development of roads, poles, goods and passengers-transportations .

The CPP extends the international cooperation on the works of transforming a number of local roads to become the international high-ways Linking to the neighboring countries, which are appropriate to the requirement of the development of the national and regional economies .

The Cambodian People's Party continues to promote the Cambodian tourism to be the cultural and natural tourism by creating favorable conditions for the private investment and urging the regional cooperation .

The CPP encourages the trade-liberalization by targeting economic forms in the trade sector to run their businesses in the line with the policy and the State-laws . The CPP creates favorable conditions so that the goods are capable to freely circulate through out the country, to regionally furnish each other and to reduce the gap of prices between the produced region and consumed one, and between the municipality and the countryside .

The CPP consolidates and enlarges the international economic relations in order to link the local market to the foreign one it has the promotion-policy for the investment and production which serve to the exportation Meanwhile, the CPP urges to increase and improve the quality of processing products for exportation which bring high income, and to reduce the exportation of non-processing products and to build the possibility to additionally create new goods for exportation . The importation of foreign products must be done for the service of national development and necessary requirement of the people; the importation of any final products which are able to locally produce must be reduced.

The CPP widely opens the cooperation with counties and international organizations in order to absorb the favored economic systems from the foreign countries, especially the GSP from the United States of America, the development aids and foreign investments.

The CPP continues to carry out the reform on the financial affairs and the management-mechanism of the economy of market It improves the fiscal system to ensure both the national incomes and the promotions of production, exploitation and private investment . It selects the imported products so that some kinds of them which are imposed for the service of production and the necessary requirement of the people can be received tax-reduction .

The CPP make in practice the policy of saving and using the national budget with great transparent, honest and efficient manner, thus making balance between the requirement for the macro-economic stability and for the economy-increasing support, improving the wages of the civil servants, the living condition of the people and the social environment.

The CPP prepares the policy of the currency and the bank-systems so that they carry out in the line with the mechanism of the economy of market . It urges all trade-banks to widely open the activity of credits to the rural regions and to create favorable conditions to the poor people by loaning capital with low interests . It maintains the constant value of the national currency, increases the trust on it [ currency ] and gradually improves the management on the foreign currency.

The education and training the human resources in the scope of national identity and international standard is a priority of the Paltry in the process of rehabilitation and development . The target of this policy constitutes the development on knowledge and practice . Therefore, the education and Paining must continue to do the best for achieving the 3 following points of the orientation:

+ Highly concern to solve the scholarship-requirement of all the cycles, from the nursery-school to the after-university by providing them priority of general knowledge education and professional training .

Shrive to fulfill the obligation of primly-cycling education, definitively annul the analphabetisation and gradually make in practice the universalization the basis general education in according to " the education for everybody "

Encourage the building of private establishments in all cycles, both on the general education and skilled and professional Gaining ill order to take part in the educational development.

Increase the capability to absorb as much as possible the quantity of students for the professional training-schools and the universities . Concern to help poor-students so that they are able to continue their scholarship.

+ Continue to improve the quality of the education and training up to the international standard.

+ Connect the education and Raining to the requirement of all fields of national rehabilitation and development The education and training must be fit to the real jobs and related to the market of labors

The CPP considers the youth as the replacing-force for the sake of national rehabilitation and development The works for the youngsters are to deal with watching over, educating ,h-training and organizing them . especially for those who are out of scholarship to become honest, skilled ,healthy ,morally people and to be able to get certain jobs in the society .

The CPP pushes ahead the works of managing, building the infrastructure, increasing the activities of physical education and sports in the milieu of pupils and students, and mass-sports for health-improvement of the people Urge the braining and competing all the national and international events . Consider the sports as the factor of grooving health, solidarity ,unity, valiant manner and justice.

The culture is the soul and the identity of the nation; the existence and development of the culture constitutes the existence and development of the nation, in the contrary, the deterioration or loss of the culture means the deterioration or loss of the nation . Therefore, the works of preserving Evaluating and developing the culture are as meaningful as the national life.

The CPP's policy on the culture is targeting to firmly protect the great cultural heritage, to make an end the process of the cultural loss, to promote national consciences and social moral, and to urge cultural development with national, popular and progressive manners.

The CPP improves and holds up the national tradition and custom it maintains the national prerogatives, patrimonies, art, language scripture . tradition and custom so that they au-e able to remain for ever . integrate the art and culture with the educational system in order to upgrade the general knowledge on the cultural inheritance and national identity, to promote the pride of the nation, individual and community All of these are the fundamental spirit of the maintenance of the national culture, the prevention of the process of flowing in of the evil culture from outside, the inspiration by selecting the foreign cultures which are useful for development of the national culture, for upholding the familial value and social moral.

The CPP launches firm measures in order to crack down the evil culture and all infringements which attempt to destroy the national culture.

The CPP defends the intelligence-ownership, encourages and assists both materially and spiritually the research workers on sciences and techniques ,the writers, the poets, the artists, the sportsmen [ spoltwelllet1 ] who persevere to get new achievements.

The CPP repeats religious rights and freedom of the people, stipulates the Buddhism as the State-religion, meanwhile, it assists and ensures every fair activities of the other religions thorough out the county.

The CPP connects the pagoda-affairs and religious activities to the education of moral, inviolence, and to the warm relationship in the society . it prevents the religious discrimination Exploitation which lead to the social division .

The Cambodian People's Party broadens all kinds of information both locally and internationally to the remote regions by means of radio and television broadcasting, press-networks, reviews, and the other systems in order to promote the general knowledge of the population .

The public-health domain must target to improve the health and the well-being of the people by increasing the measures of prevention of the diseases and the systems of public-health preservation ,being participated from the community, and encouraging the expansion of the health-system of private service . Priorities are provided for the works of reduction or cancellation of epidemic diseases, and the rural public-health .

The CPP enlarges the research and the consumption of the traditional medicines in both with the modem ones .

The CPP concerns about the preservation of the women and children's health by means of promoting the service of maintenance of the mothers and children in which include the preventive vaccines for the children's diseases, the education for the pregnant, the practice of the program of the birth-extension and food-assistance .

The CPP's policy on the social affairs is aimed to generally improve the living conditions of everybody in the society both materially and spiritually, to make in practice rights and interests of the people of all ages and all ethnic people, and first of all to reduce to a minimum level the social catastrophe, to create favorable conditions for the poor people and the martyrs which are the majority in the society so that they are able to connect themselves to the current of economic development in order to build up a situation of progress for all of the national community's members .

The equal rights of the men and women in the wedding, familial affair and work have been guaranteed by law . The women-development has primordially been concerned about the promotion of the general culture and the professional knowledge in order to consolidate the valuable role of the females who are the spouses, the mothers, the workers and employees . These au-e the main factors which strengthen the family and the society . The women who are working in the State-institutions and the private sectors are guaranteed by laws, especially the Common-Statute for the Govern Dental Officials and the Labor Law . Cancel the views of the deterioration of the women-role in the society; protect rights of the women, especially against the labor-force exploitation, the sex-business, the rape ,the kidnapping and the familial violence.

The CPP consolidates the process of the Cambodian National Council for the Children in order to push forward the development and protection children-lights according to the international convention . it strives to cancel the child-labor exploitation, the child-abuse in the accidental working-site, the pedophile-business .

The CPP highten the cooperation between the State and the associations, the national and the international organizations for the sake of taking care of the orphans, widows ,war-victims, retired people, invalids, unfamiliar old people, miserable people living in towns and cities as well as the families' members who have defected from the KR hardliners to return living in the national society, and in order to create the conditions to enable to appropriately live by receiving the mental and professional education, the capital and other means .

The State takes care and nurses the orphans and the children who have been left behind by means of consolidating the orphanages and braining them [ the orphans ..] to become the good population .

The CPP concerns about the working-capability rehabilitation of the handicappers by providing the high-technology artificial limbs as well as braining the appropriate skills so that they are able to work and live . The CPP develops the war veterans by means of establishing the troopers' development center in some regions in order to solve the living conditions of the families of the sacrificed fighters . the handicappers and the break-up troopers .

The CPP strives to solve the job-issue for the population in order to prevent the unemployment-crisis . to increase the social productive force and to reduce the poverty by simultaneously implementing measures of growing up the quantity of employments and braining professional skills. To achieve this goal, the CPP has to strongly urge the rural development all over-the Courtly in order to absorb crowded labor-forces, to enlarge the favorable conditions for the foreign and local investors so that they employ them in their private sectors, to brain professional skills to the jobless people, to find out foreign labor-markets . in according to law-procedures, for sending the Cambodian workers abroad .

The CPP consolidates the implementation of the labor-law in order to guarantee workers and employees-rights and interests, to guarantee working security, safety and health, especially by means of consolidating the professional organizations of the employers and of the workers and employees, thus briging them to create good relations in the implementation of the labor-law . Meanwhile, the regular inspection at the factories, enterprises, manufacture and service centers has to be concerned , according to the rule of the labor-law.

The CPP are interested to develop the remote regions of the ethnic people . especially in the north-east region, in order to push economic, social, cultural and living conditions-development up to the common prosperity of the national community. Therefore, the physical infrastructure must be worried about in those areas .


The CPP supports the participation of the Kingdom of Cambodia as a member of the Association of the South East Asiatic Nations ( ASEAN ) and actively takes pale to transform the South East Asiatic region to become a region of peace, stability, liberty, neutrality, cooperation and progress .

The CPP resolves rights to defend with firm determination the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and neutrality of the Kingdom of Cambodia by all means which are in the line with the UN Chatter and the international laws .

The CPP solves all the conflicts by peaceful means, fights against the use the Army in the international relationship, fights against the policy of racial discrimination and human-rights abuse.

The territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Cambodia must absolutely not be violated within the frontiers and surface of 181,035 Kind, and with the see and space limits.

Concerning the immigration's issue, the CPP advocates the implementation of the enforced law of immigration by basing on historical and political conditions, on human-rights' views and on international practices The legal migrants are to be respected and supported by the State-law . The solution for the illegal migrants is to be done with film measures, according to the law and with equality to all foreigners.

The Cambodian People's Party highs against the armament-racing, supports the reduction of all kinds of weapons, the non-deployment of Nuclear-weapons, of chemical weapons ,of biological weapons and of land-mines The CPP participates with active manner in the common movement of the international community for the sake of solving serious issues on the world over such as the public-health, food program, environment, drug-traffic, terrorism, sex and phidophile's business.

The CPP extends its cooperation on the culture, the sciences, the technique with the foreign countries in order to enlarge the possibility of the people's knowledge promotion, the human-resources' development, the integration of the modem technique as well as to increase the mutual understanding and the relationship between the people of the foreign countries and the Cambodian people The CPP strives to look for aids from the foreign countries and the international organizations, especially the aids for socio-economic rehabilitation and development .

The CPP widely opens the economic cooperation with the foreign countries by implementing international norms of the relation and cooperation in order to speed up the national development, the extension of external markets linked to the internal markets, and to create favorable conditions to the integration with the regional economies.

The Cambodian People's Party shrives to highten the relationship with political patties of the foreign countries regardless ideologies and political tendencies, with international movements and social organizations for the cause of peace, democracy and social progress by basing on the principle of mutual respect of independence and sovereignty, and of cooperation with bilateral gains

******** ********* ********

This Declaration on the Politic Platform of the Cambodian People's Party will be published to the compatriots and the international public opinions for being informed about principles, stances and views of the CPP which will continue its ideals for the sake of achieving the cause of building the county as a State of eternal peace, stability and prosperity.

The great loss and tragedy of the Cambodian motherland and people Caused by the unjust war and perpetrated by the auto-genocide regime, had pulled back with long distance the steps forward of Cambodia and had inherited heaviest consequences for a very long period of time . The process toward the ruin of the existence and the consciences of the Cambodian society was erected at the time when the supreme interests of the nation and people had been oppressed and deeply buried under the heavy weight of the dictatorship and the loss of the national unit . These were the historic suffering-lessons which our nation had received .

The resurrection of our nation, staffed from the historical victory of the 7 January 1979, has provided a new energy to the Cambodian people to raise up and to step ahead again with optimist stance and to determine to go forward to the prosperous future, the period of which there is no-return of the past catastrophic event . The CPP is the sole political force which had struggled for national salvation and had continued leading the country to overcome a very difficult and complicated stage, in a situation of starting from Zero and of half-peace and half-war, thus continuously receiving successes in the cause of national defence, fighting against the attempts to return of the genocidal regime, territorial rehabilitation and development and peace-finding to the nation . These achievements are the most valuable inheritances which constitute the fundamental basis of the people-choice for the sake of supporting peace, stability and prosperity on all fields of the county, both actually and for the future .

Through a long part of way, the Cambodian People's Party had obtained numerous experiences in the leading and ruling the country by firmly maintaining the principle of standing on the people-side, taking pale in all the circumstances of joyful and sadness of the people, sacrificing with valiant spirit for the nation and people .

Although the way forward is still very far, but we bust on victory; the reasons are we have walked and are walking on a correct political line and had overcome the most difficult stage . Our only one choice for the future is the choice of hope and victory on the poverty .

The Cambodian People's Party would like to launch appeals to the compatriots, both through out the country and living abroad, to those who are farmers, workers, manufacturers, industrials, businessmen, officials, RCAF and National Police's members, students, intelligentias, monks and ethnic people to support the Politic Platform of the CPP and to tranform it to become principles, orientations and common activities of the Cambodian society, in order to build and defend our beloved Angkor Motherland as an eternal and properous country .

Also, the CPP would like to call upon to the political patties, to every patriotic forces of all political tendencies to uphold the supreme interests of the country and people higher than everything, to closely cooperate each other and in the sincere spirit of national reconciliation for the sake of peace, national unification, democracy and progress of Cambodia .

Finally, the CPP would like to appeal to the governments and political patties of the foreign countries, to the non-governmental and international organizations, to the peace-loving and justice-loving personalities to continue assisting and supporting the just cause of the Cambodian people and the CPP . Allow us to express our most profound gratitude to the international community which has provided its precious contributions for the sake of peace Democracy and development in Cambodia

This Politic Platform had widely been discussed in the Party -sphere and had been unanimously passed by the Extra-Ordinany General Assembly on 27 January 1997 .